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Circuit Alert Electrical & Solar

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Builder's Solar Packages with Cashback

Would you like to get paid for installing Solar?

Watch the above video to hear more about our packages.


We are the Builders' go-to solar installation specialist with a large and growing list of smart builders that we work with.
Please watch the videos below to see why more & more Builders like you are making the smart move to Circuit Alert Solar.

How do I get paid for Installing Solar?

Circuit Alert Electrical & Solar are specialists in the field of solar on new homes and homes that are being renovated. We work closely with builders like you to ensure all installs are completed hassle-free and line up with your schedule.

We can complete the works for you at a competitive discounted rate or we can complete the works directly for your client. Which brings me to our exciting opportunity where YOU GET PAID for installing solar.

Our Cashback option means if we work directly with your client, we will install the system at our already competitive full retail price and give you, the Builder, a 10% cashback, payable to any account you designate.

This is a great option, as we then become the retailer of the system and are fully responsible for all warranties on that system. It means that if the clients want a more customized system option, you won't have to waste your time, playing go-between. It also means they are more likely to get the system that best suits their needs and you will still be rewarded with our great cashback option. 

I want to know more, so what happens next?

Please email us or fill in a webform on our website and we will arrange a chat to see if we can help you.

After our chat and once approved, you will have access to great pricing and the option of cashback. We can provide marketing material and free unlimited advice, but more importantly we can ensure your client gets a good quality system & installation designed to their needs and budget. With all product warranties backed by Rexel Australia Group.

Below is a short video that explains the benefits of our special trading partnership with Rexel, which gives you and your client extra peace of mind. 

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