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Sizing Your System

System sizing can be quite a complex as every household and usage profile is different.

The most accurate way of sizing a system is to book a consultation with one of our Solar Consultants.  However, below is an approximate guide of popular systems for different size households.

Give us a call to find out what system size would be most suitable for you. 

This size system is typically suited to low user, 2 person household.

This size system is typically suited to moderate 3/4 person households.

This size system is typically suited to higher users, with 3 to 4 person households with a pool. 

This size system is typically suited to higher users, with 4 to 5 person households with a pool and electrical hot water system.

Some people choose to have a larger system due to the great feed in tariffs now available.  Speak to your energy retailer.

Solar Installations

Reputation is everything! We provide all of our customers with the guarantee, satisfaction and peace of mind that our work will be carried out safety with ultimate respect for your home or office.


We are confident when we say that you don't have to worry about a thing when it comes to Circuit Alert Electrical & Solar.

We are trustworthy and get the job done.  So call your local Sunshine Coast Electricians today and we can set up your free , no obligation consultation. 

Best Quality and Highest Performance

Here at Circuit Alert Electrical & Solar we don’t sell cheap giveaways. We pride ourselves on supplying the best quality and highest performance solar modules and packages to our customers. We care not only about your savings but we also strive to do the best we can for the environment, that surrounds us. We need to keep this planet alive and what better way to do that than supplying the community with Free, Green & Clean energy. Forever!